Raindog is the electronica profile of the Swedish electro-acoustic composer Åke Parmerud. Known for his groundbreaking work in the sound universe of electronic music since more than 30 years, Parmerud now explores the melting point between electro-acoustic music and beat based music, ranging from dark ambient moods to upbeat club music. Not fitting in a streamlined definition of style, the Raindog moves happily between expressions and styles even knowing that this is the way to make life difficult for an artist of any kind.

Still, believing in freedom of the creative mind, and the power of the listener to dive into the space of surprise and stylistic incorrectness, there seems to be no other path to walk

Ah, the videos on this page are a bit tricky.

Not being a real web programmer I am using Apples iWeb and I have a whole lot of trouble getting the videos to behave. Here are some tips:

  1. 1.U may face a Quicktime logo or even a Quicktime big questionmark when u select a video. Don´t give up. Try a few times. It seems as if the page is trying to download everything on all pages at the same time and gets confused. Listen to some music only and try again. It usually works.

  2. 2.Once u get the video, let all of it download before jumping to the next. Sometimes if u jump between videos they stop downloading. This is a major annoyment but I haven´t found a workaround yet. Sorry...

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